• Give Me Your Rapping Delight

    You all know by now that my sons are into rap, and by that I mean today’s rap, which to me sounds like nothing more than nasty talk. I could write a rap song myself, just by stringing together words like this:

    “Shawty on the floor, look all sexy in that thang, wanna buy you a drank with all the green I got, while we drink champagne, and do dirty stuff that I won’t describe here but would in great detail if this were a real rap song, my boo, yeah, uh huh, I be lookin’ at you, and your booty too…”

    I’ve written about the rap music before, including the awful lyrics to “Low” and “My Humps” and the fact that I let Finn teach me the Soulja Boy dance.

    Maybe it’s my liberal tendencies and belief in non-censorship, or perhaps I’m a terrible mother, but I don’t think the way to handle this rap situation is to ban the music altogether. I thought I’d try a different tactic.

    I figure that as long as the boys are listening to this stuff, they ought to learn about it as well, and that means going back to classic rap songs, those from back in the day when we sang “Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn,” and thought we were fly.

    I want to make the boys a playlist of classic rap.

    Sadly for me, the only old rap songs I can think of at all are “Rapper’s Delight” and MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This.” (You can tell I’ve been a parent for too long; I originally wrote that title as “Don’t Touch That” which isn’t half as catchy but I say it all the time in this house full of boys.)

    I wasn’t concentrating on rap back in the day; I was moodily lining my eyes with kohl and following the Cure and Hoodoo Gurus and Wall of Voodoo.

    So I ask you, readers, can you suggest some rap songs that are musts for this list?

    And in return, I’ll take you back to the unforgettable “Mexican Radio” by Wall of Voodoo: