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Sometimes things happen to you and you contact the proper authorities but they don’t do anything, and that’s when you have to handle the matter yourself.

Of course, when we woke up last weekend and found our mailbox crushed in a manner that appeared to be more purposeful than accidental, we chalked it up to rowdy teens, hoped someone would step forward, and went ahead and replaced the wooden beam and box.*

The next day I saw a mailbox down the street destroyed in precisely the same way, and it turns out that a neighbor witnessed the demise of her mailbox and called the police with a description of the vehicle.  (A dark Toyota Tundra type truck with brush guards).  I don’t know what a brush guard is, but apparently that narrows down the list of suspects quite a bit.  I contacted the police as well, and they promised to get back to me, but as of now I’ve not heard from them or the perpetrator.  I’m a bit ticky, as I get the feeling they know exactly who it is.  I’d appreciate an apology and reimbursement for the new mailbox and its installation.

In the interim, however, Porter and I used the occasion to film CSI:Birmingham, which is obviously a takeoff on CSI:Miami.  It’s about 3.5 minutes long (not 12, like the screen says– apparently I have a long tail on the end of the movie that I can’t delete!)

and sums up the case pretty well, except for the Lego.

Enjoy, and I’ll keep you posted on the investigation:

CSI:Birmingham– Mailbox Mayhem from anneglamore on Vimeo.
*I replaced the box quickly because I was expecting two pounds of worms to be shipped to me via the Postal Service, and our mail lady dislikes us. I was sure she wouldn’t get out of her truck and walk the worms to our porch; she’d just return them. I need those worms because I’m starting a vermicomposting project, which promises to be great fun as well as extremely bloggable.

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  • Patti

    To borrow a phrase from my 14 year old… OMG! I never laughed so hard in my life. I live in Delaware and yes, we do, in fact, have rural areas. I live in one of the rural non-farm areas. Mailboxes are desimated at an alarming rate. I can only surmise they don’t get ours b/c we actually live in a development as opposed to out on the country road. I wish you luck in your pursuit of the delinquents!

  • MamaD4

    Marg Helgenberger better moooove over, she’s got nothing on Anne Glamore! I never see her at a crime scene with a lovely green bag?

    Also wondering, in your opinion, does Clinique or Cover Girl powder work best to use in dusting for prints?

    Oh, and did you get your worms?

    MamaD4’s last blog post..The Windmills of My Mind

  • justashley

    I LOVE it! Hays and I are officially quitting our day job to take up professional filming and background noise providing.

  • Shayna

    Oh my goodness, Anne! This was the highlight of my morning…how do you do these things with a straight face! 🙂

  • Fiona

    Wow, what a cool mom you are!!! I hope I can be as go-with-the-flow as you are when I become a mother when the opportunity is there. These are the stuff that memories are made of – your boys will have tons to look back on.

  • jean

    The whole video was hysterical, but I laughed harder at myself for recognizing the box of hair color. I use it myself! Those gloves are so good. My son uses the little plastic containers to store his littler lego pieces in. I have tears coming down and I’m still laughing. Great job!!

  • ScaryMom

    Too funny! We have this huge overgrown grass that prevents our mailbox from getting smashed – but annoys our postman no end.

    By the way, I tagged your blog for an award over at mine. It was my first so I’m waaay excited and happy to share with you!


    ScaryMom’s last blog post..My First Ever Blog Bling!

  • Joy East of theKingdom

    This is how we met our new neighbors 8 years ago.

    She was going to back up into our driveway and turn around but backed over our mailbox and right into the ditch next to our driveway. Then as she tried to pull out of the ditch, the mailbox post got stuck in the rear fenderwell and pinned her like a bug. She did this several times to no avail. She wasn’t going anywhere. Had she just backed all the way into my yard, thus freeing the post, she would have made a clean get away but the engine-gunning and tire-spinning gave her away. As we walked out onto the porch, I will never forget hearing her teenaged son saying “uh, mom, somebody’s home.” Lucky for her, we were planning to replace the post and battered mailbox that weekend, so we already had the replacement! Her husband came over and put it right up! We still laugh about it from time to time.

    Hope you find your perp!

    Joy East of theKingdom’s last blog post..C’est La Vie!