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The Love Affair Is Over

A while ago I wrote about Porter’s infatuation with our current president.  I don’t, and have never, shared his love, but I didn’t feel that it was my place to prevent Porter from exploring different types of friendships.

In this month’s Lipstick magazine I have an article that updates the story a bit.  You can read it here at Porter’s Pen Pal.  (I’m having a bit of trouble with the link; I hope it works for you.)

I wrote that article several months ago, and in the interim there’s been a marvelous development.  Porter’s best friend moved to Mississippi (that’s not marvelous; that was tragic) and began writing him letters.  And just like that, Porter switched his attention from W and began writing Mac, asking about his new school and telling him the latest adventures with Feathers.  I’ll admit it’s a relief not to receive those glossy pictures of George and Laura every week.

In other household news, for years I’ve told the boys they’re responsible for putting their needs on the grocery list.  Need a poster board for an upcoming project?  Don’t tell me– write it on the list.  Every so often we discuss “wants” vs “needs” and they’ve pretty much quit writing Cocoa Puffs on the list.  My mom didn’t buy chocolate cereal for me, so the law of irrational parenting says I cannot give it to them.

The list in its current state contains a strange request:


which Porter hastened to assure me is a need.  It’s October, after all, and time to get used to the sight of blood.  As long as it doesn’t end up on my furniture, I’m okay with it.


Two years ago in My Tiny Kingdom: Crime & Punishment

(This one still breaks my heart, and some people were critical of our parenting in this instance, but looking back, I think we made the right decision).