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Who Are You?

We’re trying to take a family pictureAgain.

I’ll let you visit this site your ownself and find out what your name would be if you were one of Sarah Palin’s kids.  I just want you to be warned, however, that my husband would be Gripper Palin.  That’s a handful!

But wait– meet my three lovely boys, Fowl, Stinger and Churn.  And that’s me, Yukon.  Let me know what your name is in the comments– they’re sure to be a hoot.
I’m totally covering Churn’s face in an attempt to remove Fowl’s hat.
Who are you?  I hope you aren’t one of those moms who thinks the worst of boys and yells at them for no reason.  That happened to Churn the other day and he’s still recovering.  You can read about it here.

Fortunately, we’ve all recovered from the nastiness on the playground and we’re laughing again.

Dude! We’ve been taking these pictures on the beach every year since 1998. Here’s our 2004 attempt. Drew and Porter were about to be six and Finn was nine and a half. It’s a sad commentary that we were better behaved back then than we were this past August.


I have no explanation for the atrocious mom hair other than maybe the stress of wrestling three boys into collared shirts affected my judgment when it came to my own looks.


  • Becki

    My name is Pump Bust Palin, and I’m not sure how I feel. Is “Mom” telling me what to do when I have kids, or what happened in a dramatic accident before the Governorship?

  • amanda

    Rot Pipeline Palin

    my sister, Grill Igloo Palin, agrees. so does my boyfriend, Ladel Torque Palin.

    one big happy inappropriately-named family. just the way sarah would have it. if sarah named herself she would be called Claw Washout Palin.

    amanda’s last blog post..All Up in Arms…

  • alala

    Shaver Razorback Palin, here.

    Dang, where was this site when I was pregnant? I’m sure my sons would be having much more interesting lives if I’d thought to name them Flex Gunship and Rust Mustang.

    alala’s last blog post..worst. diet. EVER.

  • MamaD4

    My daughter, Annika would be Bullpen. I can kinda see that one for her. She’s very bullheaded. Bull for short. Not terribly feminine.

    My son, Josiah would be Sack. What a horrible, horrible name for a boy.

    Ms. Palin certainly has some unique baby names…wonder if there’s a story behind them?

    MamaD4’s last blog post..On My Own

  • Jamie

    I’m Stockyard Mudslide Palin, thank you very much.

    And ya’ll are such a purdy family! Seriously!

    p.s. did someone say Mudslide? I’m thirsty.

  • Kelly

    Taupe Armageddon Palin here to tell you you look younger in this years photos than the old one. And I envy you your husband’s hair. Mine is at the wispy stage

  • Anne Glamore

    I don’t think Flack is totally outrageous, given the range of choices we’ve seen so far.

    And Candy, thanks for the Hot Hubby compliment. You should see his teeth. No cavities or anything.

  • Amanda

    I’m an Amanda, so I see that my “Rot Pipeline” is a repeat.

    Y’all look like a fun family. 🙂

    (Note: the “y’all” is not to poke fun that you’re in the south…that’s just really how I talk.)

    Amanda’s last blog post..Just Wondering…

  • Anne Glamore

    Really, only Blitz, Flack and Wesson are in the running for REAL names. My sister is much more conservative than I am, and I have a feeling she isn’t going for any of these.

    My boys have also suggested (and she has rejected) Paco, Magoo, Seven, and Harry.

    (Her oldest son is named William and we thought she could have a pair of Princes: William and Harry, but apparently everyone in Manhattan is naming boys Henry and Harry these days.)

    If I’m going to help her name this baby, I don’t think Sarah Palin will be much help.

  • Spoon Archer Palin

    Honestly, I don’t think Spoon Archer Palin is any worse then my own given name….But I do take offense to my daughter’s Krinkle Bearcat and my son’s Still Hardrock – both of which I think are creepy. Apparently, my son is also a Jr. – beacause his father’s (completely, totally different name) revealed the same one. So we have Still Hardrock Sr. AND Junior ! Huzzah !

    Spoon Archer Palin’s last blog post..Sassy Pants

  • Audrey

    Hi, I’m Wesson Scalper, this is my husband, Froth Moonshine, and our daughter, Taupe Armageddon. Nice to meet you all!

  • Jeanne

    LOL Here’s my family:

    DH – Drown Wing
    DD1 – Buster Taint
    DD2 – Shoulder Frontier
    DD3 – Clip Dragon

    and yours truly,
    Froth Moonshine

    And now to use all the first names in one complete sentece:

    Hey Buster, you Clip my Shoulder again and I’ll Drown you in Froth!

    Jeanne’s last blog post..Not bad…

  • Holly

    Chevy General here. I guess I can hang out with Chevy Chase. My husband’s name would be Claw Washout. Not sure what to make of that.

  • Kathy

    Hey, I got Taupe Armageddon Palin also! Hubby is Chalk Revelations, kids are Flack Gobbler, Sack Panther, and McCain Fortress. Too funny!

    I still owe you an email about Cooperstown. Yours is in my inbox and I just can’t seem to find more than 2 minutes to sit down at one time.

  • KLee

    Hey, there — Block Lionel Palin here. My daughter, Flack Gobbler and I don’t really approve of our names, but my husband, Cheney Wolfhound Palin, sort of likes the middle name (though the first name blows).

    I shudder to think if Palin had had more children.

    KLee’s last blog post..The Stepford Republicans

  • Wendy

    McCain Fortress reporting for duty.
    Hubby Seagull Junker is not impressed.
    Daughter Steam Fangs is calling Auntie WMD Cesna and Uncle Muzzle Mamoth to talk with Cousin Grill Igloo so they can commiserate on their awful names. Son
    Seam Marauder is the only one asking to keep his new name so far.

  • Loth

    Hi there, I’m Duct Idaho Palin, wife to Rock Crane (is there any other kind?) and mother to Clop Clutch and Mullet Troll. Also, giggling incoherently.

  • Anne Glamore

    Mateys: How does Talk Like A Pirate Day always sneak up on me like this?

    Sheasy: You’re so right– these pictures pretty much capture our family – especially the way Drew is smiling up at Finn as we try to get him to remove his hat.

  • Sam in SC

    Snooker Hinge Palin here…although being the pretentious, double-name-lovin’ southerner that I am, I will insist that you call me Snooker-Hinge hence forward. Kidding!

  • Judith

    Here’s another Ladel Torque Palin (someone firther up and someone one the original website is Ladel Torque Palin, too)…

    I’ll be the one with the split personalities, then.

  • Meghan

    So i read your entry on the other site, and now I know what you mean. I just got back from babysitting two twin ten year old boys and their older brother, 12. They were awesome, just as I knew they would be. Except whenever i told anyone this week what my gig was on Friday night they acted both scared and astonished. PSh. boys. easy.