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Feathers And Her Feet

I was getting ready to whip up some Pork Lo Mein when I heard chirping coming from the sink. Upon investigation, I discovered Feathers perched there, apparently ready to help grate ginger. I believe Porter must have been in the kitchen when he was seized by the urge to skateboard, so he deposited Feathers on the kitchen sponge, used the Palmolive and the Fabuloso to hem her in, and dashed outside.


The weird part was not that I found a parakeet by my kitchen sink. It was that Feathers relished her sponge, and refused to climb onto my fingers, no matter how much I coaxed her.

It appears that the sponge massaged every part of her foot, and she needed a little stress relief.


That’s okay, Feathers. All ladies need a little toe rub every now and then.


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