Frolic and Detour: Sports,  Triathlons

Come As You Are

All Finn needed to graduate was a bra made of coconuts, a grass skirt, and a coat and tie.


The coconut bra, skirt and lei were for the luau party the sixth graders had the night before graduation to celebrate their journey to the junior high. There was a chocolate fountain, a DJ, tropical drinks, and dancing. Finn came home with second prize in the costume contest and sympathy for women all over the world.


“I don’t think I could ever wear a bra all day. I mean, this one was only made of fake coconuts, and it was itchy and I felt like I could barely breathe. I bet a real bra would be awful.”

I assured him that it is, and that bras are another reason (in addition to making eggs) that women should be treated with care and respect.

Finn’s not the only one who’s been dressing up lately. The duo had their power point book report presentations a couple of weeks ago.

Porter wore one of the most popular pieces in our dress-up box to give his presentation on the Beatles.


Drew was a wild-haired Albert Einstein, and though my intentions were good I failed to get a picture of him. That’s the danger of having more than one child– your attention gets diverted from one boy’s book report to another boy’s lacerated finger, and the next thing you know you’re running into the auditorium late while your camera sits at home.

I was forward-thinking enough to have Finn try on his blazer a couple of days ago, and it’s a damn good thing I did. As my mom would have said, we’d have been in “a mell of a hess” if he’d woken up this morning and put on his old blazer, which reached only to his elbows, no matter how much he hunched over. I was forced to make a last minute trip to Burlington Coat Factory and plunk down twenty dollars for the same Liz Claiborne blazer, two sizes larger, but the bargain price made it worth it, especially since it will be handed down twice.

Graduation itself was nice, though no cause for tears in my book. Finn is ready to leave the junior high behind. His class has adjourned to yet another pool party, where I suspect some lighthearted flirting may take place, but I’ll never hear about that first hand. One of the disadvantages to having all boys is that you must call the girls’ mothers to learn any interesting gossip, because your male won’t volunteer it.

The duo are busy this afternoon as well. Drew will be visiting a friend’s farm with a number of other third graders, and Porter and Bill are playing in a golf tournament for kids.

You’d think that would be enough for one family, but I’ve been informed that there’s a short triathlon Saturday morning and the boys are determined to participate. Finn plans on competing individually, while the twins are forming a relay team, with Drew doing the swim, Porter riding the bike, and Drew finishing off with the run. I’ll have to coach the boys through the transition area while Bill waits on the bike course to accompany Porter on the ride, as it goes through a high-traffic area at one point.

Many of you were kind enough to ask how Bill did in last weekend’s triathlon, and he performed well. He’s been working with a trainer over the past months, and improved in all three areas. He had a goal of some time or other, and beat it by lots of minutes, and looked really hot in a sexy way at the end of the race clad in all his crazy athletic gear.

By now I’m totally used to the fact that he is no damn fun the night before a race, so his lack of sociability didn’t insult me at all. Of course, the second night I had no illusions that I’d be sleeping in the nude.

It feels like all I’ve done the past few weeks is concentrate on the males. I’m hoping that once all the sports are finished tomorrow we can concentrate on MAMA. Mama, she wants to prune the hollies and plant some flowers, then sip a gin and tonic when the day is done. Here’s hoping.


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  • Toni-EvinNRobsMom

    OMGoodness…the time sure is flying by.
    Good to “hear” that the triathlon went well.
    I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!! **AMEN** on the Gin & Tonics!! CHEERS!!! :o)

  • Charlie on the PA Turnpike

    One of the disadvantages to having all boys is that you must call the girls’ mothers to learn any interesting gossip, because your male won’t volunteer it.

    Having been a boy myself (no, really!), and being the father of a 12 and 5 year old, might I suggest that your post little of any said gossip. There’s a reason boys keep it to themselves!

    Charlie on the PA Turnpike’s last blog post..On Memorial Day, a prayer

  • Kathy

    I just found out this week that the eldest has baseball tournaments for the next 5 weekends straight! Thank goodness we have this weekend off. Although…all stars just got kickin’ for the other boy, having company this weekend, Monday is the twins’ 10th b’day…etc. etc. I feel your pain!

  • mimi

    To heck with working in the yard, you deserve (as my 2 yr old grandson says, so so so so so so so) many gin and tonics simply for living with the house full of dudes!
    I love your blog! Thanks for sharing.