Boys: Demented & Dangerous,  Fashion: Turn To The Left!

It’s Sweeping The Nation

Is your third-grader hanging a paper clip on his earlobe and wearing it all day at school? No? Well, then, I’m sorry to tell you that he is completely out of touch with the latest fashion craze, started by one of my own sons, Drew Glamore.

Drew has always been ahead of the latest trend, as you can see here:

No other three-year-old thought of wearing his cow-patterned pants every day until they evolved into cunning capris. Tres vogue!

Five years later, Drew still has his finger on the pulse of the latest fad. All you need for this style is a colored plastic paper clip:
preferably in a color that coordinates with your outfit.

Squeeze the paper clip on to your ear and voila! You’re ready for a day at school, and the ladies will be mighty impressed.


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