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Haiku Me!


I rarely win things, but I’ve been named a finalist over at Rocks in my Dryer in the Haiku about my mom contest.

Am I the only one whose mother haunts me about my haircolor? You should hear what my dead grandmother whispers in my ear every time I pop a piece of chewing gum in my mouth. (“It’s so unbecoming, dee-ah.”)

Anyway, at least help me make a respectable showing. And my haircolor is Loreal Coleur Experte 6.3. You know you want it. (Sorry, Mom.)

Just for kicks, I’ve added a picture of me at my (fake) blondest:
May 1992 – Law School Graduation (yes, that’s Bill’s tassel hanging over my head) (Ooh – didn’t mean that the way it sounded) with my DARK roots and BIG earrings

and a picture of me this past summer
Beach 07 058
Luv ya 6.3!

You can have whatever opinion you want about my HAIR – it’s the haiku I need the votes on.

Go here to vote – I’m the second circle. Thanks!