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Feathers Friday (on Thursday) – Olympic Version

The Olympic torch relay has been marred by crowds, protests over human rights, and general pandemonium. That describes the Glamore house on a daily basis, but we don’t have the huge flames, publicity and the massive police presence. I’m able to handle all of the above solo, through sometimes I resort to calling Bill at work so he can make threatening noises at the boys over the phone, but that’s only in rare instances.

The boys have read about the relay in the paper and seen the riots on TV. I’ve fielded many questions about Tibet with my usual skill (“That’s a marvelous question. You should ask Mrs. Rogers about that.”)

The topic has died down somewhat in the last couple of days. Finn is still limping about the house with a splint stabilizing his right ankle until we find out whether he is suffering from a bout of hypochondria or a small fracture. As far as his symptoms go, in general he is able to play drums and wall ball, but feels weak when asked to fold laundry or unload the dishwasher.

Drew continues to use his thirty minutes of television a day watching SpongeBob, wearing one of his two SpongeBob t-shirts (one red, one yellow). Then he’ll join the game of wall ball, muttering “fishpaste!” or “Krabby patties!” when he misses the ball. Later it’s time to read the Hardy Boys, and he shows no signs of deviating from his intense focus. I do believe he’ll read all one hundred and something books, and I’ll continue to explain what “dungarees” and “jalopys” and other words straight from the 1950’s mean, and the tragic aspect is that this knowledge will not help him on the SATs at all.

Porter, of course, has his own idea of fun, and usually that involves Feathers. He and Feathers reenacted the torch relay here in the house, although I was able to convince him to slow from a sprint into a stately walk for Feathers’s sake.

Porter was kind enough to let Feathers get her footing as she prepared to act as the flame.


And then the torch relay began.


Our torch made me thankful for our country, for the patience of parakeets and happy (for once) that Porter hordes paper towel innards along with all the other crap in his closet.


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  • moo


    For the record … my aunt hooked me on Nancy Drew mysteries and I gobbled them up, from about when I was 8 years old until I’d read every. single. one. They were in hardbacks then (until you got to about 100, then they were paperbacks).

    It’s neat that kids still like those books … I think they were awesome!

    moo’s last blog post..oh noes!

  • Cassie

    Thank you, you saved the day again. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what Boo was going to read this summer. He is set on breaking the school record. He missed it by 5 hours last year. He’s read most books, but not Hardy Boys.

    Love the bird! Peace out!

  • Katrina

    Porter might be onto something here. Everyone complains about how long the Olympic opening ceremonies drag on; this way we can combine the torch ceremony with the dove-releasing ceremony and kill two…er…well, you know.

    Katrina’s last blog post..Attack of the Robot Roaches

  • Toni-EvinNRobsMom

    Porter and Feathers are too cute!! At least Feathers likes Porter. We used to have a Pudgie Lovebird named Captain (as in Captain Morgan) and he didn’t really like me. I used to get bit every time I tried to pick him up. Turns out he had “bonded” with my S.O.-we sent Captain to live a nice birdie life in Arizona. :o)

  • Mocha

    Such a great photo of an adorable kid. He looks happy! Take credit for that.

    I will now utter “Krabby Patty” for the rest of the evening. Thanks.

    Mocha’s last blog post..Catharsis