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Scenes From The Ballpark


I found myself watching Finn’s baseball game solo for the first three innings last night. Bill was with Drew and Porter at soccer practice.

This year I’ve been running about ten minutes late to every game, and that is no big deal unless your son is the starting pitcher. I’ve had no reason to believe Finn would ever fall into that category, but he did tonight and I was damn glad I was there to witness it, as he hasn’t pitched a lot in the past.

Bill and the duo arrived around the fourth inning. Bill wanted to know Finn’s stats, and telling him that he had done well so far wasn’t going to satisfy him. He wants to hear ESPNy words like, “He hit a stand up double to right field, stole third, and came home on Bert’s single.”

Finn hasn’t pitched enough for me to have my pitch-patter perfected yet, so I said, “He struck out Jay and Justin, he walked Peter, someone balked, he made a nice toss to get Lewis out at first, and he hit Bainbridge in the fanny on a 3-2 count.” I thought that was a fabulous report, but later I saw Bill up in the press box looking at Finn’s stats in the book. Maybe he thought I made up the part about Finn nailing the batter in the ass.

Although I had fed everyone before we hit the fields, twinsanity were hungry and restless. I’ve taken a stand against ball park food this season, and against junk food in particular.

We were sitting at the other team’s bleachers where I’d been chatting (baseball games are the core of my social life here in the Tiny Kingdom) and no one heard Drew ask me if he could get some Skittles at the concession stand. Everyone, however, heard me tell him that NO, he could ask me every night from now until the end of the world if he could get Skittles and I would always say no. Then they watched his face crumple and the tears fall down his cheeks and I won the award for Best Ballpark Mom Ever, right on the spot.


Enough with the paparazzi. I got a game to play.


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  • Susu

    We may play Finn’s team eventually – we’re in the 13/14 year old USSSA division. My son also pitches, and usually we play the Tiny Kingdom. I’ll bring some healthy snacks if we do!!

    Hey, one year we had an about all day tournament and I ran by Publix in Alabaster. I picked myself up one of the spinach salads (one serving sized) with some raspberry dressing and ate it in the bleachers. I also got a fruit salad and some of the Cracker Barrel cheese squares for my sons. I always carry frozen water bottles and a green tea or two. I was the envy of many curious onlookers, who were wolfing down drippy burgers. Maybe this year I’ll set up a booth outside and make some money!!

  • Toni-EvinNRobsMom

    I thought your version of E-S-P-Anne was great!! I’m a huge baseball fan, so I would’ve given the same report. :o)

  • Sara T

    LOVE that you said no to the skittles! We are just starting practices because there was still snow on the fields until yesterday (MN) and this year I will live at the LL fields with a 6 yr old in his first year and a 10 year old in the minors. Yes – 8 hrs of concession stand duty – yikes. And as far as the bringing snacks for the team – I told the other team parent for the 6 that I didn’t think we needed to do that this year – they could bring their own!!!
    Have a great season!!


  • H.

    I haven’t commented here before, but must shamefully admit that I just let my 4 year old daughter purchase and consume an entire bag of Skittles at the ballpark yesterday evening. But the beauty of it was that she actually sat quietly for 45 minutes, admiring each individual Skittle before she popped it into her mouth, enabling me to actually watch her big brother play t-ball. I’m an all natural/organic Whole Foods a/k/a Whole Paycheck grocery shopper, but those rules tend to go out the window for a six week stretch each spring at the t-ball field…

  • Kathy

    We were supposed to play in Cullman this evening. Postponed due to tornadoes. Full day of it tomorrow, though. And Sunday. And we have to divide and conquer, as younger son plays at OM tomorrow.

  • Karyn

    Is that a RED SOX hat??? Dude – I am SO loving that your kid is wearing a Red Sox hat! 🙂 🙂 🙂 (I just signed my firstborn up for baseball; I can’t believe it. )

    There’s nothing like baseball in the spring…

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