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I Can’t Shut Up About Snacks

You would think that everyone would have STOPPED the sports-related snack madness, but they haven’t. My third graders’ soccer team is STILL having after-game snacks. Nothing like Oreos at 10 am.

At least I’m not on my friend’s 4k T-ball team. They practice TWICE A WEEK from 4:30 to 5:30 pm and the team mom has commanded “healthy” snacks for each practice.  Not games, PRACTICES.  Who needs that kind of extra work, or food?

I don’t care if they’re shooting wheat grass

and chomping alfalfa sprouts;
I don’t want my kids doing it right before dinner twice a week.  Nor do I want to have to provide it.

Don’t EVEN get me started on the ridiculousness of kindergarteners practicing twice a week and having a game on Saturday. It’s nuts.

It occurred to me that’s part of the reason everyone’s so over scheduled. When we were growing up, ballet was once a week. Now an activity is two or three times a week.  That’s fine for a sixth-grader like Finn, who’s deep into the “learning to manage your time” lesson, but it’s ridiculous for six-year-olds.

We need to take it down a notch!

That will never happen in the Tiny Kingdom, at least with sports.


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  • Headless Mom

    I second! As team mom for the 6yo’s t-ball team I said no snacks after practice, one small snack after a weekday game (no drink, the kids can get one from the snack bar in uniform), and 2 snacks after a Saturday game is OPTIONAL. Last year both teams did double what I allow. It was insanity.

    Don’t even get me started on the 8yo. team schedule: 2 practices and 2 games a week!

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  • Toni-EvinNRobsMom

    I don’t know how all of you Super Moms do it?!? Neither of my boys is into the sports thing yet, but I’m wondering how I’m going to handle it all once they do want to start. :o)

  • 1happymommy

    I totally agree! We do not/will not get into the “rat race”. They will only be kids once! My 6 year old does team sports with our local YMCA and so far it’s all about fun and less about competition!
    We allow our boys to participate in developmentally appropriate activities that they’re actually interested!
    What a concept, right!?!

    BTW…Love your blog!!

  • Queen of Shake Shake

    This is why I talked my youngest out of signing up for T ball this spring. It’s game TWICE a week, one being during the week. Sometimes not until 7:30, which is bed time for my preschooler! Then there is one to two practices a week too. Gesh. When my oldest did T-ball, I thought many times we should just camp at the park as much as we were up there.

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  • jo

    I do snacks for my Girl Scouts, but usually I think I shouldn’t. The moms wanted it early on and switched off and then suddenly they weren’t doing it anymore and the kids still expected snacks. I was just doing flavored water and like apples or string cheese or goldfish, but lately have fallen back into the rice crispie treat variety.

    My scout moms were also talking recently about their overscheduled kids and I looked at one and said y’all brought this upon yourselves. I reminded them that once upon a time we were walking in a march and they commented that they were signing their daughters up for everything to keep them out of trouble later in the girls’ lives. They laughed because I think they had forgotten about that.

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  • mitchell

    hah….mya kid’s soccer coach, i sometimes bring orange slices to the games to freak the kids out. it’ keeps em’ from spending the whole game circling around juiceboxes and oreos!


  • Honeybell

    Snacks for PRACTICE? Someone needs a hobby.

    I noticed during basketball season some of these parents were providing what amounted to a MEAL for game snacks. When the kid needs a BAG to tote home a snack things have gone way past ridiculous.

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  • Kathy

    Since we do travel ball, you wouldn’t believe what practices/game schedules are like. But, they live for the next time they can play ball, so fine with me. However, I do have to say that my younger son (now in 10YO baseball) is STILL having snacks after games. I think that’s nuts. Every year I voice my opinion and get stared at like I have two heads. Today…5:30 game. Have to be there at 4:30. No one will be hungry for dinner before that, since we’ll have to leave home at 4. Game over at 7:30 and we’ll be starving. Someone will hand him a pack of oreos and I’ll be the crazy mom saying, “Don’t eat that, we’re going to Taziki’s for dinner!” Sigh.

  • Jenni

    Anne- I am soooo with you on this one. I’ve been beating the same drum for a few years now. It’s ridiculous- here are your Oreos and sugar water- now go home and refuse to eat lunch until 3 p.m! And I agree about the number of times activites are held per week, too. As spring arrives and soccer,baseball, ballet rehearsal and recital schedules are flying, I find myself breaking into hives when I anticipate the driving every afternoon. Much less dinner– so far no little elves have made it for us while I’m zipping between events. So we end up eating at 7:30, usually some variation on chicken and noodles. But with multiple kids how does it get any easier? No wonder my mom smoked a pack a day and had a regular cocktail hour with her neighbor ladies!

  • Katrina

    That healthy snacks decree brings out the rebel in me. I think when it’s your turn, you should show up with an entire case of hot pink Peeps.

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  • Laura

    Amen sister. My kids are on totally opposite schedules, meaning TMOTH or I are seemingly constantly carting someone somewhere. They love it but man-oh-man…I’m wiped out.

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  • Hibyscus

    Anne-I couldn’t agree more. 6yo daughter is in t-ball with 2x wk practice. I told her and her coach no way, we’ll be attending one only. Aside from the major conflict with my sons 2x’s wk practices (he’s 8 and its reasonable), I can’t help but think its insane for a kindergartener to go more than once! Poor barbies never get played with, we aren’t here! LOL

    On the snack note…oh thank goodness we aren’t having them! It rocks! They even contracted out the snack bars since not enough parents could staff them!

    Hibyscus’s last blog post..What’s an hour?

  • Aimee

    I totally agree. How are kids supposed to be kids -not to mention do their homework- with so many extra-curricular activities? What you are talking about is why I said nearly 2 years ago that my SIL was too into sports. Her kid has practice nearly every weekday (maybe not on Wednesdays), and a game almost every Sunday and sometimes on Saturdays! yikes! (BTW, yes, they finally did find my blog and yes, they got pissed about that comment.)

    I’m all about kids being on a team and learning about health, fitness and sports, but I’m wondering, if we put away all the Xboxes and game stations, turned off the TV’s and had the kids run around outside, wouldn’t it accomplish the same thing? They used to call that being a kid.

    Sorry… getting off my soap box now. 😉

    You rock on about the snacks!

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  • Candy

    Oh, I’m in total agreement on this. Not so much the practicing, although, yeah, kindergarteners don’t need to be there that often, but the SNACKS! It’s absurd.

    My husband coached high school baseball for a long time, and once a mother baked cookies and tried to bring them to the dugout during one of the innings. Cause her boys needed SNACKS! I thought he was going to throw her AND the cookies out into the field.

    Candy’s last blog post..!

  • childsplay

    This reminded me of one of our favorite youtube videos..Allen Iverson talking about ‘practice. Not a game. But practice.’

    He must say it 98797867 times in 2 minutes. ‘I’m talking about PRACTICE. Not a GAME. Practice.” It leaves us rolling…but we’re nerdy like that.

    I once had a nazi soccer coach for my then Kindergartner. Oy. She taught them all a ditty that went, “I’ll score more than you will. Nah nee nah nee neener” amoung other things.

    childsplay’s last blog post..Wish you were here!

  • Bhamdining

    My 5yo daughter plays soccer at the Y, so the competition angle isn’t so bad (they don’t officially keep score at this age), but yes, they all expect snacks. But at least it’s just after games, not practice! They have practice once a week and a game Saturday mornings. When it was my turn to bring snacks, I at least brought the 100-calorie packs of snack mix and cheese crackers instead of the bigger snack packs of cookies and stuff that really are enough for two servings for kids this age (and of course the sugar…).

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  • baseballmom

    We cut out snacks last year for T’s team-they’re 12, so it was way past time. They don’t miss it. Snacks after practice is totally ridiculous, I mean, how much do they need to be rewarded? They should be doing it because they like it…not for fishy crackers afterward. We do travel ball too, and with Alex (6) in tball and swimming, and T doing baseball, it’s crazy. I am regretting signing Alex up for swimming this time, because he has practice on M,W, and swimming on Tu, Th. T has practice on W, Sat, and games twice a week, plus tournaments. I like that we’re active, but the dogs miss us too! Swimming is going byebye next session for sure!

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