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The Liquid Paper Is Running Out

I was thrilled to find a new wireless keyboard under the Christmas tree.

The old one was quite banged up, and it’s hard to type with no visible letters.


Drawing the letters on the blank keys was getting tiresome, and I’m too old to learn to type without looking.


Looks like I’ll be able to continue writing now that my technology has improved.


We’re furiously packing for NYC. Finn has planned an uplifting day on Monday– a visit to both the Holocaust Museum and the WTC Tribute Museum.

We need to see both of these, but that’s a lot of tragedy for one day. I think I’ll take them to Economy Candy afterwards.


Hey– a shout out to both Amy at MyScoop and Andre at The Terminal, both of whom were recently featured in the Birmingham News for their blogs.  Go visit and tell them I sent you!