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Elves, Round 2

Damn, the duo is at it again! Remember a couple of years ago when elves were all the rage and I refused to go along, reasoning that Santa is enough?

Last Tuesday I walked by the fireplace and noticed this:










The boys didn’t have any Nerds this time, but it was obvious they were trying to lure an elf.  Drew was extremely polite about it:















I’m still not going to succumb.  I can’t deal with Christmas gifts, Finn’s birthday, the Christmas card, my regular schedule and manage to remember to move a fuzzy green elf around the house. I told Bill that if he felt the boys would be emotionally scarred by the absence of an elf from their childhood memories, he could come home from work and move the damn thing from the washer to the refrigerator and give his boys a cheap thrill. He declined.

The notes and crackers have sat untouched for almost a week now, but the boys are still hoping an elf will appear.

They may not learn the truth about Santa this Christmas, but they’ll discover that he has limits.


  • Kimberly

    We have an elf who lives in the livingroom bookshelf year round at our house. That way, he can report back to Santa throughout the year about The Ladies’ activities.

  • Cassie

    Well the worst part is, they are suppose to cause mischief, and that I can’t deal with. Like they are suppose to raid all the clothes out of the dryer and make a mess, or their suppose to hide in the freezer. I don’t have the time or patience. It’s hard enough decorating the house, getting gifts together, shopping for the hard to buy for, the cards, oye! And baking cookies in the mix. Not gonna happen at my house, I’ll pay for the therapy later.

  • Laura S.

    I got sucked in to the elf thing last year. I was hoping C would have forgotten about it but last night she pulled out the book and was asking what flight was our elf coming in on. (We have been flying alot lately). I told her the elf had been bumped from his flight and would not be flying in until the week before Christmas. I think I can handle a week of elf. I will let you know how it goes!

  • KLee

    I’m so sorry that there has been a resurgence of elf fever! Didn’t you tell them last year that you’re allergic?! Your allergy must have worsened to keep the elves away!

  • Ann Kroeker

    So far, this has never occurred to my children.

    Some of your commenters have described mischievous elves, but the ones working diligently in Santa’s workshop seem to be very useful and handy. If I could have access to an elf like that, the hardworking and diligent sort, especially if he were willing to pitch in with household chores, I might consider asking for one myself.

    Hm, I think we have some crackers left from Thanksgiving…

  • amy

    Get the elf. I promise it is not bad. You can even turn it into your helper. The elf leaves my boys notes with things to do to help out for Christmas. It really is easy.

  • Kate

    We had a “Magic Elf” growing up and it was so much fun. (I think he’s actually still around.) I still remember the night our elf arrived on our doorstep…I was around 4 or 5. I still don’t know if my mom got one of our neighbors to leave it there and ring the doorbell or if it was a gift from someone.
    Our elf never caused mischief, though. That would be a pain. He would show up one morning in early December on the breakfast table with a few treats. Then, each night he would move to a new location, and my sister and I would have fun finding him in the morning. Sometimes he would leave a small treat (like candy), but not always. For my son’s first Christmas last year, my mom gave us a “Magic Elf”. I can’t wait until he’s old enough to understand about it.
    I’m not trying to persuade you–it’s different if they’re asking for the elf and have expectations of what he will do. But, it IS fun, and seems like you can do it without too much work.

  • Kendra

    I’m glad that elf-fever hasn’t hit our neighborhood, but I do like amy’s suggestion that he encourage the kids to help….does it work for husbands too?

  • Genevieve

    I like the idea of an elf that leaves notes:

    “Finn, hang up the wreath!
    Drew, do a load of laundry!
    Porter, pick up the guest room!”

  • Donna

    We have had an elf visit us each Dec for about 4 years now. My kids love him more than Santa! I like that it spreads out the Christmas fun all month instead of one whirlwind day.

    Our elf sometimes leaves treats like sugary cereal mom won’t buy, gum, a new christmas book, etc. Sometimes he bakes cookies or muffins. Mostly he plays with all the other dolls and stuffed animals and toys that already live here. He builds things with Legos, plays games with the dolls, colors pictures, cuts snowflakes, reads a book to the stuffed animals, or other fun (free!) activities. When it’s been a particularly trying day, he even leaves notes encouraging the kids to share, be nicer to each other, help mom clean up, etc.

    My kids LOVE this tradition and are always eagerly waiting for Dec 1 when Elfie will come to visit! He leaves on Dec 23 so he can be ready to help Santa on Christmas Eve.

  • Noreen Hill

    Hi Anne, I just stumbled onto your website a few weeks ago and love it!

    I gotta say, this new imaginary elf craze is doing it all wrong. The kids in my family have had their own elves for a few generations, starting in the early 1900s. Here’s the real scoop:

    After Thanksgiving, Santa drops off invisible elves everywhere, it’s how he checks to see who’s naughty or nice. Kids “in the know” put out tiny elf beds for the elves to sleep in. It doesn’t matter what size, elves are magic and can make themselves fit. We used old cardboard earring boxes with napkins for blankets as kids. If the kids are behaving, doing their chores, being nice to each other, the elves will leave a little treat behind in their “unmade” beds (the kids have to tidy the beds up every day). It was something small like one lifesaver or a penny or nickel, but you should see how excited the kids are every morning to see if the were behaving well enough. And talk about a great incentive! You just have to look at them in disbelief and say “I can’t believe you’re acting like this so close to Christmas, with the elves watching!!!”. The look of dread thats spreads across their eager little faces is amazing. They usually stopped misbehaving pretty darn quick. When they didn’t they received a note asking them to please straighten up so they wouldn’t be reported to Santa. That really freaks them out!

    Our elves NEVER messed up the house or played tricks!! After all they’re Santa’s elves, hand picked and have the very highest moral character. Santa would never send anyone so disrespectful to harrass parents at such a busy time of the year! My kids are 15 1/2 and 11 1/2 and still insist on putting them out, LOL. It’s a beloved family tradition.