Southern Comfort

Only In Alabama?

I dare you to find anything in YOUR hometown that fulfills such a special need. 

Figure 1: Side View: Is this what I think it is?


You have got to be kidding.  But hooray!  I was in the mood to wet a pole.


I love some wigglers, but  I’m in the mood for catfish.




Get the frying pan ready – we’re about to have us a meal!

Keep your eyes open for crazy cultural inventions.  I’d love to see the pictures!

Two years ago in Tales From My Tiny Kingdom: Don’t you (Forget About Me)


  • Stacy

    I’m from Oregon, but lived in Alabama and worked at Auburn U for a couple of years. (War Eagle!)

    The first time I saw one of those live bait vending machines, I ran home, got my camera and promptly took a slew of pictures to email home – because I just knew they’d NEVER believe me without proof.

    PacNW to Alabama.. that was a big ol’ culture shock. 🙂

  • zoe

    We have em here in Michigan too. My friends dad actually owns a few and makes pretty good money off them…which is just amazing to me.

  • lauren

    That’s great! Whenever Matt and I take back roads to get anywhere, we always have a competition to see who can spot the most country thing. It doesn’t take too much hunting, especially the roads we take to get to out of the way triathlon locations. The one that pops up the most? Wagon wheels framing the entrance to the driveway. That’s right, wagon wheels as decoration.

  • MetroDad

    Seeing things like a live bait vending machine only reaffirm my love of America.

    What other country in the world would deploy modern technology in this way? Only the US of A, baby! Home of the bait machine, the Clapper, beer can hats, and ponchos for dogs. God Bless America!!!

  • Heather

    I wish we had one in Mobile. I swear, I don’t know where people get their crickets and wigglers to go fresh water fishing around here.

    It’s all about the salt water bait instead. Sigh

  • Karin

    I am laughing! Let me see, you need to put $4.50 worth of coins in the coin slot and then the premium night crawlers will crawl out. Right?

  • Sandie

    I am going to start my own business up here in MN… Just have to purchase that machine and start digging for worms!


  • Laura

    We have spotted them here in Orlando too! I have yet to see anyone buy any yet. You have to wonder if there is really a big enough demand for worms in a vending machine. Personally, I would rather see a Jimmy Choo Shoe Vending machine!

  • Angharad

    We have one in our village in Cambridgeshire in the UK too. The worrying part is that it’s on the forecourt of a garage next door to the fish and chip shop…

  • LizP

    I’ve never seen the bait vendors, but I know that years ago, we could buy seal oil in glass milk bottles in the grocery store (used for dipping herring roe). (Never mind. It will never catch on.)