Music: Give Me A Beat!


We bought Drew a short-scale bass today (it’s smaller than a regular bass guitar), but he’ll have to keep taking piano keyboard lessons until he grows a little more.  That will give him time to noodle around on it, though, and figure out some cool sounds.

Now that Finn’s proficient on the drums, Porter’s messing with both the acoustic and electric guitar, and the bass with a mind-blowing amp has been added to the lineup, you might call our house CACOPHONOUS.

The long-haired, multi-ringed guy at the music story found it odd that I drove up in a minivan wearing my Jazzercise clothes and then bemoaned the fact that Garbage doesn’t seem to be making any music these days, although I hear Shirley Manson has a solo album coming out this year.  I didn’t fit his stereotype.
Apparently he had me pegged as the Michael Buble type.

In other news, Finn is currently preparing Beefaroni for his brothers for lunch, and pondering whether to add thyme or oregano to it.  The movie “Ratatouille” has increased everyone’s interest in cooking, and thus my spice rack is no longer alphabetized, as I once bragged in my About Me page.

A couple of days ago the boys and I made our first film.  Richard Schickel (remember him?) got a sneak peek and was swept away by the humor and pathos we captured.

I hope to unveil it Thursday for your viewing pleasure.  I’ve uploaded it on YouTube but it hasn’t shown up yet.

The title?  YO MAMA!

I smell an Emmy.  Then again, that could just be an errant safety.


Anne Glamore, looking like a minivan-driving, Jazzercising blogger/mother/lawyer/wife

(Because she is.  But honestly, this is WAY uncool compared with the pictures below)


I love this band:


And I especially love her:


Him, not so much, but we dance to his new song in Jazzercise.  Even he looks cooler than I do, but I bet he hasn’t hit forty yet.


Thanks to US Weekly, I know that she DOES love him.  She was in The Devil Wears Prada.  Her name is Emily Blunt:


She and Shirley look alike, don’t they?

Maybe I’ll dye my hair a bit redder tonight…


  • boomama

    My older nephew got a bass for his birthday – which means that last weekend, when we were at his house, we got to listen to the first four bars of “Smoke In The Water” over and over. And over. And over.

    It was awesome.

    Rock on, hip mama. 🙂

  • julia

    Oh, I LOVE Shirley Manson. I’ve long harboured a bit of a girl crush on her.

    I couldn’t tell you one song that Michael Buble sings. Is he this decade’s answer to Michael Bolton?

  • Jessica

    I’m not as hip as you are. My son is interested in the drums. What age did your boys start lessons? I live in the B’ham area and am curious where you suggest going. Thanks for keeping me sane this summer with four children. One was sick this morning and didn’t get to go to zoo camp and another is 3years old and pooping on the floor. I keep breathing. Know of a good glass of wine?

  • Honeylips

    Anne, you’ve said it before, and I’ve gotta agree with you whole heartedly; you’ve got some great legs!! That pic shows them off perfectly. Rock on from one hip Mama to another (although this Mama is lacking the gams)!

  • jenny uk

    “I’m only happy when it rains” how weird, I was humming that this morning as we are still having showers and little sunshine here and I bought copper hair dye yesterday to dye my dreadful unkempt hair!

  • VHMom

    Anne! I got on YouTube, searched “Tiny Kingdom”, did a “Date added” sort, and saw your awesome video! Fun stuff! Poor Bill, he looked cuter in the photos on this blog!

    I foresee a grand cinematic future for you and your boys! I can’t wait for the next one! Gosh, I’ve used alot of exclamation points!

  • Daisy

    Family band! All right! My kids played viola and cello; I think the cell player is destined to pick up the string bass and learn to play country or bluegrass. sigh.