Boys: Demented & Dangerous

Training Session: Snack Food Storage

Session One: Famous Amos Cookies

Bill led a grueling session on opening a bag of cookies, placing the cookies into a Ziplock bag, and, crucially, pulling the white plastic zipper firmly from one end of the bag to the other to ensure that the bag is completely closed and the cookies will stay fresh.  Each boy then demonstrated his ability to 1) locate the Ziplocks and 2) open and close them without difficulty.  I presented a guest lecture on the necessity of transporting the bag of cookies from the counter to the pantry.  Unattended cookies left on the counter will be confiscated.

Session Two: Advanced: Application of Chip Clip

Bill oriented the boys to the secret storage place of the chip clips: the drawer to the right of the stove.  Each boy was given a bag and practiced neatly folding down the open ends and securing them firmly with a chip clip.  Again, I stepped in to emphasize that even beautifully clipped bags of chips must be deposited in the bin in the pantry or risk being impounded.  They may be retrieved only after payment of a five dollar fine and appropriate expressions of apology and sorrow.