• Stephanie Honeycutt

    Hoos are U of VA students. U of VA students are rivals of VA Tech students who are nicknamed Hokies. The hoos are reaching out to the Hokies in the wake of the VA Tech shooting tragedy.

  • Kathy

    I didn’t know you went to UVA! I grew up near Blacksburg, about 40 minutes to the NW.

    And just how do they get Hoos out of the Cavaliers?

  • BB

    Thanks for sharing….
    just to clear up the whole nick name thing…here’s what I found on the UVA athletics website….
    Although the terms “Cavaliers,” “Wahoos” and “Hoos” are used almost interchangeably to refer to University teams and players, “Cavaliers” is more often used by the media, while “Wahoos” and “Hoos” are frequently used by Virginia students and fans.

    Legend has it that Washington & Lee baseball fans dubbed the Virginia players “Wahoos” during the fiercely contested rivalry that existed between the two in-state schools in the 1890s. By 1940, “Wahoos” was in general use around Grounds to denote University students or events relating to them. The abbreviated “Hoos” sprang up later in student newspapers and has gained growing popularity in recent years.

    Which begs the question…what is a wahoo? (some kind of tropical fish, I dimly recall)

    That photo brought back some embarrassing memories…the night before I graduated from the business school we painted beta bridge with some definely less inspired words….definitely up near the top of the list of “stupid things I’ve done involving alcohol”