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How An Eight-Year-Old Views The World

The Tiny Kingdom Museum of Art is pleased to unveil its latest exhibit, “HOW AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD VIEWS THE WORLD.” The photographs were taken by the emerging star Porter Glamore, and document his unique insight into Lisbon, Portugal. Using an inexpensive camera he received for Christmas, the young photographer set out to take as many pictures as possible, with seventy-two million as his goal. Porter’s work demonstrates that youth is no barrier to capturing images which speak to our shared humanity. His visual acuity and offbeat aesthetic make this an enthralling collection of pieces you will not want to miss.

Several themes are apparent in Glamore’s images. “Pondering Pigeons” is a series of photographs of the common bird. Although some city-dwellers may view the bird as a nuisance, Glamore’s compelling snapshots and detailed titles impart personality to the creatures.


Hungry Pigeon Eating A Crumb Of My Cheeseburger Bun


Pigeon With A Green Neck That Probably Glows In The Dark

Pigeon With Hot Feet

Pigeon Who Wants To Be My Pet But My Mom Says He Has To Stay In Lisbon”
Birds were not Glamore’s only focus. It is common for Lisboans to hang their laundry outside to dry, and the group “Drying Lingerie” illustrates the practice. Here Glamore’s photos combine the tedium of daily life with a touch of seductiveness, hinting at the activities that take place behind shuttered windows.


Look At Those Way High Up Panties


Hey– My Camera Can Make The Black Underwear Look Closer


The Saggiest Panties I’ve Seen The Whole Time


This Is My Favorite Picture I Took Of Ladies’ Underwear

Nourishment is essential to our survival, yet Porter’s chilling images of various wares at a Lisbon market portray food in an unnerving manner. His graphic shots in “We Are What We Eat” force us to rethink our relationship to the creatures we consume.


My Dad Says Those Pink Things Came From Inside A Fish And That People Eat Them But I Don’t Believe Him


All The Squid I’ve Seen Had Crust On Them But Not These


I Think This Silver Guy Is Watching Me Take His Picture

Is That One Of The Three Little Pigs, Because His Head Looks Really Big

This Is The Monkfish We Ate For Dinner But We Didn’t Get To Keep His Teeth

I’m Pretty Sure That’s Poisonous And We Should Not Buy Any

The exhibit contains experimental photographs as well. A true artist never ceases to explore the limits of his medium, and Glamore is no exception. From his examinations of language and time to his intense scrutiny of the female form, Porter Glamore’s pictures reflect his inner muse.

Me And Drew Stayed Up Late But I Don’t Know How Late Because The Clock Is Broken

A Grownup Man Was Taking Pictures Of This Naked Lady So I Did, Too

That’s My Mom’s Bottom


This Is When I Took A Picture Of A Cuss


My Shadow Looks Like A Ghost
Lovers of photography should keep young Glamore’s name in mind, as he is sure to make great strides in his chosen art form.


Many thanks to the sponsors of our Photo Exhibition:

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  • Cecelia

    oh goodie! I’m the first to comment. Birds, panties, food and your tush… They’ve all got be be connected somehow! Tell the young artist we all await his next showing.


    PS…nice tush. Jazzercise is working!

  • VHMom

    “Pigeon With Hot Feet” speaks to me, I don’t know why. He should enter it into a contest! Actually, “…pink things inside a fish…”, and “…way high-up panties…” are pretty awesome, too. We can only imagine the ones not posted (yet). My goodness, what else in the world (or at least Portugal) did you all see?? Maybe that should be our next great adventure!

  • Lin Haraway

    Your child also seems to have grasped the nuances of composition at such a young age: the boldness of the chair leg symbolizing human exploitation and “x-ing out,” if you will,of the bird-ness of the bird, making it dependent on humans for food. I also noticed the number “24” underneath the baggy panties: in some ancient Smorgarian cultures, twenty-four was the age at which women were considered past the point of desirable,so the baggy panties fit perfectly. Have you considered sending him to some incredibly exclusive boarding school of the arts in the Highlands or the Hamptons or some other “H” place where he can hone his gift and be encouraged to roam about taking pictures and forgoing classroom instruction so that after his senior exhibit at the school he will return home at eighteen ready for a promising career in telemarketing or selling port-a-potties?

  • baseballmom

    Wow…Portugese pigeons look so much like ours, who knew? And, also they spell swear words the same. Cool! Really, though, I love it when kids are so interested in capturing their worlds. We went to Washington DC (the other Washington to us) and my brother took a whole roll of pics of all the monuments, etc. and THEN we found out that there was no film in the camera. He CRIED so hard, and my parents had to take him back to all of them to take more.

  • KLee

    He’s got a nice sense of composition, actually. (Well, some of the subject matter notwithstanding….:)

    I liked his reflection in the window one. Very neat. I’d just scroll though his pictures every now and again to check that he’s taking pictures of the more correct things.

    (Least now we know he’s an ass man, like Bill!)

  • BB

    Sorry if this is unrelated….
    being the reluctant owner of a “mom mobile”, I thought you’d appreciate this….

  • Shell

    I loved this glimpse of the world through Porter’s eyes (lens?). He does have good composition, especially for one so young. There’s such a poignancy in the lingerie shots. 🙂

  • jenny uk

    I thought pigeon with hot feet has great composition, I really like it, you should get it blown up poster size! I sent a photo into a magazine recently and they printed it and gave me £100 vouchers for printing photos, we have lots of posters now!!! ‘burp’ pardon me, bit fishy….! x

  • Honeybell

    That is cracking me up! My then 10 year old went to the UK last summer as a student ambassador with People to People. He was loaded up with disposable cameras from friends and family. Upon his return, we had 4 rolls of zoo animals ~ 1.5 rolls of “everything else”.

  • Lauren

    Looks like Lisbon has some interesting things to eat–with the barnacles, then all the fish innards and eels on display. Yum.

  • Leeny

    Lord have mercy, I had tears in my eyes while laughing! Porter is a doll and took some very, ahem, interesting photos – those panty shots are priceless! I loved your introductions to each series as well as Porter’s captions. This should go in a scrapbook, truly! And gives me the idea to give a camera as a gift in a few short years to my little grandson. 🙂