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Drew Discovers Santa’s Limits

I cuddled Drew on my lap the other night and asked him what he was asking Santa to bring him for Christmas. He replied without hesitation.

“A Coke machine, a laptop, and an Xbox,” he said.

“Whoa, there,” I answered. “Quit joking with me. What do you really want?”

Drew squirmed around and looked at me, his pale blue eyes unblinking as he repeated earnestly,” A laptop computer, a Coke machine that gives real Cokes, and an Xbox, but I would take a Playstation.”

I grimaced. And then as gently as possible, I explained to him that while Santa has access to all kinds of presents, he doesn’t deliver items that will interfere with a family’s rules, so Drew wouldn’t be getting an Xbox or a Playstation for Christmas.

Drew’s face got red and he leaned his head into my shoulder as I continued.

“Coke machines are more for office buildings and gyms than houses, ” I went on, “and I don’t like to keep a lot of Cokes around here. Santa knows that. So you shouldn’t count on him bringing a Coke machine either,” I informed him.

My shoulder started to feel moist.

“And we don’t need a laptop,” I said. “We have a computer and my laptop, and that’s plenty of computers for one household. Eight-year-olds generally don’t need their own laptops, anyway. I think you ought to think up some fun toys you want Santa to bring you, like some Legos or maybe a fancy CD player.”

Drew was really sobbing now.

Finn (a non-believer,) Bill and I all tried to cheer him up and encouraged him to think up some other items to put on his Christmas list, but Drew was having none of it. He picked at his dinner and went to bed early.

If a LEGO Dino Attack Iron Predator vs. T-Rex, a CD player and a varied assortment of CDs intended to increase his music knowledge (The Commodores’ Ultimate Collection, so he’ll be able to sing along to “Brick House” at wedding receptions, The Clash: Singles, for some punk exposure, Janis Joplin – Greatest Hits, because he needs it, and #1 Hits of the 80s, so he can experience the decade that was “Private Eyes” and “Come on Eileen”) don’t send him into a frenzy of pleasure, I’ve seriously misjudged him.

I’m in a state of suspense. On Christmas morning, will his sorrow break a little piece of my heart? Or will Bill and I have the pleasure of teaching our sons to walk like Egyptians once all the gifts are opened?

Either way, it promises to be unforgettable.


  • sdw034

    First, I think that an 8 year old is going to be lost in the excitement of opening presents and the chaos of Christmas to be bummed out on Christmas morning about what he didn’t get. Second, what about getting him a toy laptop? My son got a Batman laptop last year that has educational games (spelling, math, etc.) that you play on it. I would have preferred the Hot Wheels one, but he insisted that he wanted the Batman so what’s a mom/Santa to do. You did a great job of explaining why those things won’t be under the tree too, so it shouldn’t be that big of a shock to him. I remember when I was 5 I wanted a record player. I got a Fisher Price record player that plays it’s own plastic records. I was a little upset, but I STILL have that record player! I loved it. No, I couldn’t play American Pie on it, but it did play music and at 5, that was enough. Enjoy your holiday!

  • talentedgirl

    I know that my brother and I never got exactly what we asked for, similar house rules to yours, but I don’t remember what those things were. I was far to happy and excited by the fact that who I did get was amazing, to notice. I have to go now and find one of those Fisher Price record players, I miss mine!!