Boys: Demented & Dangerous

From The Mail Box: Finn At Camp

Dear Finn,

Hey, dude. I sure hope you’re doing better than your brother
and are brushing your teeth and changing your underwear. I’ve made
Drew brush his teeth a LOT since he’s been home. Today Porter and Drew
and I went to Jazzercise and the grocery store. Then Porter had his
first guitar lesson and Drew and I just sat around and waited on him
and it was REALLY BORING.

When we got home I wouldn’t let your brothers watch TV
because it’s not the weekend and at first they cried and then they
played Star Wars. I am very tired and I have mountains of laundry to
fold. Don’t you wish you were here to help me fold laundry instead of
running around mountain climbing and kayaking and stuff?? Not!!

Love you,

Dear Finn:

Boy, do I have a funny story to tell you. Your mom drove to
Publix this afternoon with 150 feet of garden hose dragging behind the
minivan. She had no clue that it was attached to the car. She claims
she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how it got there. Can you picture
your mom driving down the road with a hose trailing behind her car?
What do you think people were thinking? A few days later she dragged an extension cord. You have a wacky mother.

Hope you’re having a great time. The rock climbing looked fun.


Dear Mom,

I miss you and my drum set. I’ve heard some funny stories about you and the van. After rest hour I’m going to go canoeing. Overall, camp rocks. I’ve been wearing the same shirt for four days. Just kidding!!!!!!!! I accidentally broke my retainer and it was an accident. I am very very very very sorry. My counselor is mailing it back to you. I put it in my pocket and sat on it but not on purpose.

You are the most beautiful mom in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Dad,

I have met a lot of cool guys at camp. I am having so much fun and for lunch I had a bologna, cheese and mayonase sanwich and sweet tea. Can you write me the MLB stats and standings please? I miss being updated on sports. See you soon!!!!